Tin and Flux "Felder"

Tin and "Felder" fluxes have very good properties. They are characterized by limited copper penetration, which has proven their reliability in numerous tests.

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The FELDER company has been involved in the production of the highest quality binders for over 30 years. Our offer and products are primarily prepared for the needs of customers, thanks to which we are the perfect partner in the field solders, pastes, fluxes for soft and hard soldering. Our products are used in solar technologies, heating, sanitary and roofing installations and in the electronics industry.

All soft solders, fluxes, solder pastes and accessories are produced using the latest technologies. To guarantee the highest quality to customers, every production step, from accepting metal and chemicals to the finished product, is subject to strict quality control according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000. It is on high quality products that Felder bases its future on the market.